Start Your Day Well: Morning Routine for Moms

Start Your Day Well: Morning Routine for Moms


Morning yoga practice is that sacred time when you nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Over years of practice, you likely go on to include meditation, breathing practices, mantra, mudras, journaling, and even intentional dietary nourishment into your morning routine. All of these practices together nourish you with the energy and fortitude you need to move through your day. Unbroken daily practice for weeks can infuse your life with focus, skillfulness, vitality, and peace of mind. This is until you become a mother.

Then, what used to be a sacred time turns into no free time. Your daily practice is bound to decline and be skipped. Sometimes, you’ll go entire months without practice. Getting back on track can seem unattainable even with a sweet baby, let alone a screaming one! There is no way to find 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep or even 8 minutes without distraction to go into your zen mode. Months of no consistent practice becomes a year, and by then, you start to experience adrenal fatigue. It might take you longer to realize that your long-lost daily practice is calling out to you. While many feel it, few can answer. Sometimes, there is no way to return to that luxurious, long hour of zen you enjoyed before becoming a momma. This is when you have to take action: you have to design a new practice.

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