Bea Love is the founder of Bea Love Yoga, an International Yoga Teacher, Wellness Consultant, and South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive speaker. Her international yoga teaching partnerships include the Ritz Carlton Jamaica, Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai, India, and The Standard Hotel in Miami Beach. She’s been featured in “Leaders Who Inspire,” by Mantra magazine and is a global ambassador for International Day of Yoga.

She provides practical yoga wisdom through instructional videos, detailed yoga programs designed for the corporate setting, and meditations & podcasts for busy professionals and on-the-go moms.


Yoga, Travel, Motherhood & Chocolate!  In Her Own Words...

You could say my journey as an International Yoga Teacher and Wellness Consultant started many moons ago, when my days were spent gallivanting in the summer sun and my worries could be boiled down to the next time I would get my hands on a chunk of chocolate (spoiler alert, I still LOVE chocolate).

My connection to Gaia and my love for movement was instant. As I became more aware of my inner purpose, I began to seek out more knowledge and growth through spirituality and physical movement. This naturally led me to a daily yoga practice.

Today, I live and practice yoga in beautiful Austin, Texas. I’ve been fortunate to lead practices for international audiences for over 20 years, and I am proud to offer classes to hundreds of yogis every single year.

Every time I light some sage and gather my students, I feel honored to explore what each practice has to offer. Teaching from the heart, I bring my students wisdom from over a decade of travels in India where I studied under master teachers. I strive to show my students how to infuse their yoga with ancient practices that inspire and center them. It is my sincere hope that students sense my positive vibes and energy every time they show up on the mat next to me.

In addition to my private practice, I also serve as a Wellness Consultant and speaker. I’ve been honored to present countless talks on the power of yoga and meditation at SXSW for a number of years, and I also share my insights monthly on the PregaYoga Podcast and through my PregaYoga online video series

As a mother of two children, I am perhaps most inspired to offer mama focused meditations and yoga practices. I know how challenging pregnancy and motherhood can be, which is why I created a unique Prenatal Video Series  designed for each trimester of pregnancy and a 30 day Peaceful Mama Yoga Challenge. Staying calm and present for our children is the greatest gift we can give them. I help you learn how to do precisely that through both series. For those who don’t have little ones, I also offer a powerful 21 Day Meditation Challenge to help you find balance.

I truly believe that yoga and meditation are the pathways to peaceful and joyful living. I hope you’ll join me in discovering that path. I can’t wait to connect with you, whether you join me in the yoga studio or through one of my yoga challenges.


Bea Love