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"I highly recommend the Guided "Meditations for the Modern Day" audio series. With a uniquely gentle and melodic voice, Bea Love guides you through a series of blissful meditations that soothe the soul. A calming sense of peace drifts eternally. Perfect for both beginners as well as seasoned practitioners!" ~Seetha Shivaswamey
"I'm a prenatal yoga teacher who took Postnatal classes with Bea Love. I loved her postnatal yoga classes and when I heard she had a Prenatal Yoga video series I knew I'd want to check it out. One thing that I enjoy about "Bea's classes is that she embodies presence and steadiness. This also shines through in her videos." ~Sarah Kerwin Faulkner
“I would unquestionably recommend this series to any friend desiring a strong and complete prenatal yoga practice. Bea knows the body and needs of a pregnant woman and has developed a series that can only be matched by joining her live at the studio." ~Paola M, mother of two