Monday  noon-1:30pm PregaYoga+Meditation Online
Friday  9:45am-10:45am Yin Yoga & Meditation  Equinox
Friday 12:15pm-1:15pm Heated Vinyasa Yoga   Equinox
Saturday 10:45am-noon Heated Vinyasa Yoga  Equinox

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During these COVID times, I am offering Livestream class via Instagram Live @bealoveyoga:


Join me on Instagram ( @bealoveyoga) for weekly IG lives, "Soulful Sundays" to connect and prepare your body, mind, and heart for the week ahead.


Each class is a journey that explores a new theme each time. She keeps it fresh and always interesting. I love her sweet, gentle nature. She truly is the personification of the practice of yoga.

- Cindy  
Bea Love Yoga is a true blessing for me. I am new to the practice and Bea has gently led me to an increased awareness of my breath and body. Our practice on the sky deck is surrounded by magnificent sun, sky, breezes and sweet bird songs. I cannot imagine a prettier place to do a yoga class. When we finish each week, I feel relaxed and energized to face the week ahead. My stress level is lower and I feel stronger each week. Thank you, Bea, for your caring leadership. You are awesome!
- Karen B.