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Corporate Wellness Programs have been proven to be a cost-effective solution to support health & well-being and thereby reduce corporate expenses. Bea Love Wellness will introduce your employees to the tremendous benefits of yoga at the workplace by providing onsite yoga classes and well-being lunch & learns for your company that will benefit both you and your staff.

Yoga in the workplace addresses the impact of stress to both the employer and employee by bringing balance to the physical, emotional, & mental health of all. As a result, employees learn how to maintain balance and are in a position to make better decisions, with greater clarity and focus.

Our Approach

Bea Love Wellness understands how wellness works – but we also know how to make wellness work for you, regardless of your company type or size. We know that off-the-shelf employee wellness programs do not work. When demonstrating VOI (Value on Investment) and ROI (Return on Investment), BLW is your partner of choice - proven to create and sustain the total health of your employees. 


Team Recharge

Lunch & Learn

Yoga can bring calm into your hectic day. Include an energizing or relaxing yoga session as part of a training or presentation day for staff or visiting clients. Learn simple poses and breathing techniques designed to alleviate workplace tensions and anxiety.

Yoga at work

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