As everyone may assume, when planning your wedding, things can get a little stressful as the big day ticks closer. Luckily, I had Bea and her amazing sense of calmness helping to guide me thru the process. I attended the Zen at Work Series with Bea once a week on my lunch break, and even with that one-hour-a-week routine, I was able to clear my head and focus my energy towards managing my stress levels, organizing my thoughts and regaining balance in my life. She really does an unbelievable job at making each student feel right at home, no matter where you may be attending a class. The way she relates Yoga to everyday things in life is very unique and was especially helpful to me while planning our wedding. I swear, every time I walked out of that class, I felt like a new person! I was even lucky enough to participate in her 21 Day Meditation Challenge. Those 21 sessions helped my fiancé and I to find peacefulness even during the peak stress moments of wedding planning. I have much to be thankful for in life, and Bea Love Yoga is definitely near the top!

~Justin, Periscope Holdings

Bea is an excellent yoga instructor she looks at her class and modifies her lessons so her students gets the best work out. She has an undeniably positive energy she brings to her classes and makes it convenient by having her classes during lunch. She has excellent time management skills which allows you to fully emerse yourself into the exercise and not worry about getting back to work late. Completely and totally worth the investment in Your health I am way more productive at work when I get back from classes. A plus for Bea love

~Simon, Netspend

I started with Bea's "Zen at Work" series in the spring and it has been phenomenal. I started my yoga exploration with a lot of sciatica and a clicking left shoulder... now my pain is greatly reduced and my shoulder clicks no more! I didn't even realize how much further I had gotten on my flexibility and comfort because even as a beginner I never felt lost or confused and Bea was always encouraging and calm. Cannot recommend enough.

~Anastasia, UT

What I love about Bea's corporate classes: · Specifically tailored to habitual computer users. Lots of good focus on the neck and shoulder aches we all get. · Accessible to beginners, intermediate, and advanced. A good solid practice that can be modified as needed. · Prenatal expertise. Bea recently had a baby herself, which made it very natural and enjoyable for me to take her yoga classes throughout my pregnancy. · Willingness to meet people where they are. Bea takes care to consider everyone's injuries, aches, and pains and provide modifications appropriately. · The class provides an oasis of calm in the work day and work week. Bea works hard and cares very much. She keeps the class appropriate for the corporate context, incorporating a nice destressifying mindfulness practice without going too far into woo-woo land. My coworkers and I tend to leave class feeling like we had a good workout and accessed a place of mental clarity. For me, it helps me be a more considerate colleague, avoid physical pain from long stretches at the computer, and maintain mental clarity and focus. I highly recommend Bea's classes to habitual computer users, expectant mamas, and anyone who is seeking that sweet combination of physical stretchiness and mental balance.

~Johanna, Netspend