21 Guided Meditations for The Modern Day

21 Guided Meditations for The Modern Day


Anyone can practice Bea Love meditation any time and any where.  Each daily session is a contemplative pearl of wisdom connected along a silken thread of 21 days progressive learning.  This is a series appropriate for beginners as well as experienced meditators to gain greater insights.

Each daily practice begins with a ten minute guided meditation. Guidance includes breathing techniques to calm the mind, reduce stress and lead ones awareness to the internal source of inner peace and wellbeing.

The 21 days introduce diverse meditative pearls each day in complementary evolution: meditations moving forward to improve mental clarity and focus, to raise awareness of a kind heart within and to develop greater joy and enduring equanimity beyond the practice. 

Bea Love’s meditation series gently improves our relationship with ourselves and others by slowly cultivating greater calm from within – practice and enjoy these meditations any where and any time.