Prenatal Yoga

My journey into Motherhood inspired me to create a yoga course to help mamas ease discomforts of pregnancy, prepare the body for birthing with ease, boost confidence and awareness for labor-all easily accessible from the comfort of your home with my expert guidance.

Whether you are preparing for a home birth, unmedicated hospital birth or another option, this course will safely prepare you for your journey.

And that's not all! As a mother of two children under the age of five, I understand how essential your daily practice is in helping you manage stress, balancing hormones, and feeling your optimal best everyday.  My course includes, "Yoga Mamas on The Go," a sequence to help you stay fit in body, mind and spirit for your adventure in motherhood. This is available in the Nourish video which also includes relaxation techniques for birthing, postpartum recovery and de-stressing.

 You will enjoy three, forty-five minute videos tailored for each trimester, combining ancient therapeutic yoga asanas with modern professional medical advice so mommas can prepare for birthing with confidence and speed their recovery. A Special Bonus Featurette offers postpartum sequences for “Yoga Mommas on the Go”, Yoga Nidra, and more to ensure recovery progress after birth (the fourth trimester).

Prenatal Yoga - Nurture, Grow, Bloom Trailer from Bea Love

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“I’ve designed this video to be accessible to non-yoginis, yoga beginners and experienced practitioners: each video segment includes proven techniques with modifications to help every momma gracefully progress through her pregnancy. Enjoy all of these practices and make them your own. Namaste!” ~Bea Love

Praise From Mommas

“I would unquestionably recommend this series to any friend desiring a strong and complete prenatal yoga practice. Bea knows the body and needs of a pregnant woman and has developed a series that can only be matched by joining her live at the studio. I am thankful for the opportunity to share this journey with Bea, and thank her for guiding me to strength and flexibility during this pregnancy.” 

~Paola M, mother of 1 and baby on the way

“I discovered Bea Love’s Bloom video at the end of my pregnancy in my 8th month. I found the video to be relaxing, restorative and helpful at alleviating the aching sensation I felt in my lower back/sacral area. I highly recommend the video as it helped realign my mind and body by reminding me of how strong I am and the miracle of what I would soon be preforming. I practiced on an every-other-day basis and looked forward to the focus, deep stretching, relaxation, inner strength and much needed meditation Bloom brought.”

This was my first pregnancy and I recommend it to any soon-to-be mother.”

~Nadia Auch

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