Prenatal Yoga Video Series

Prenatal Yoga Video Series



Prenatal Yoga - Nurture, Grow, Bloom Trailer from Bea Love on Vimeo.


Enjoy practicing prenatal yoga safely from the comfort of your own home with an expert yoga teacher and mother. 

 A prenatal yoga course designed to be accessible to non-yoginis, yoga beginners and experienced practitioners: each video segment includes proven techniques with modifications to help every momma gracefully progress through her pregnancy.

You will enjoy three, forty-five minute videos tailored for each trimester, combining ancient therapeutic yoga asanas with modern professional medical advice so mommas can prepare for birthing with confidence and speed their recovery. A Special Bonus Featurette offers postpartum sequences for “Yoga Mommas on the Go”, Yoga Nidra, and more to ensure recovery progress after birth (the fourth trimester).

 Praise for Prega Yoga

“I would unquestionably recommend this series to any friend desiring a strong and complete prenatal yoga practice. Bea knows the body and needs of a pregnant woman and has developed a series that can only be matched by joining her live at the studio. I am thankful for the opportunity to share this journey with Bea, and thank her for guiding me to strength and flexibility during this pregnancy.” 

~Paola M, mother of 1 and baby on the way

"Gawd, I hate yoga. But despite my eye-rolling and lack of flexibility, I always feel good after. I've been relying on it a lot with this pregnancy. All the little aches and pains melt away after just a short sesh. Plus, my mood improves which is critical when dealing with the pendulum of hormones. This is a great program made even better because I don't have to leave my nest!"


 "This was an amazing resource for me as I was growing during my pregnancy and needed an outlet for exercise and relaxation. Bea's voice is relaxing and soothing, her guidance is helpful and wonderful!"