21 Day Meditation Challenge

21 Day Meditation Challenge



Let Go of the Hustle, Create Life Work Balance, & Meditate Like a Master in less than a month!

Can you transform your life in just one month? Yes! Create a daily practice for 21 days and experience your transformation into a better you.

 This twenty-one day program will assist you in finding the peace ever present within you even amidst days that feel chaotic.  

Are you ready to increase your INNER CALM AND REDUCE your STRESS in 2021?

Join Bea Love for a transformative 21 day experience, Jan.10-Jan. 30, 2021 inviting PEACE, JOY, & WELL-BEING into your everyday!
Enjoy daily guided meditation podcasts available to you at your convenience. Receive 21 days of guided audio meditations complete with daily mantras and thematic affirmations for inspired living.

Membership perks begin with Bea Love's 21 Day Meditation Challenge include:

    •  Twenty-one, 10-minute, guided meditations,
    •  Daily wisdom on cultivating your meditation practice
    •  Four facebook live videos
    •  Free access to our online support group,
    • Invite a friend for free – two can participate and support each other for the price of one!
    •  Chance to win giveaways, access to tips, videos, and more! But you have to opt in first, so...

Set your intention, embrace transformation and experience love!

Each meditation segment comes complete with thematic daily mantras, proven techniques and foundation secrets that will enable you to sustain an inspired approach to living long after your challenge is over.

Bea Love invites you to embrace your intention, open up to self-transformation and treat yourself to building some TLC momentum in your life – right here, right now!