Prenatal Yoga Video Series

Prenatal Yoga Video Series



Prenatal Yoga - Nurture, Grow, Bloom Trailer from Bea Love on Vimeo.


Enjoy practicing prenatal yoga safely from the comfort of your own home with an expert yoga teacher and mother. 

 A prenatal yoga course designed to be accessible to non-yoginis, yoga beginners and experienced practitioners: each video segment includes proven techniques with modifications to help every momma gracefully progress through her pregnancy.

You will enjoy three, forty-five minute videos tailored for each trimester, combining ancient therapeutic yoga asanas with modern professional medical advice so mommas can prepare for birthing with confidence and speed their recovery. A Special Bonus Featurette offers postpartum sequences for “Yoga Mommas on the Go”, Yoga Nidra, and more to ensure recovery progress after birth (the fourth trimester).