Prenatal Yoga Video Series:Active Mom, Healthier Pregnancy

Testimonials from Mamas

“I would unquestionably recommend this series to any friend desiring a strong and complete prenatal yoga practice. Bea knows the body and needs of a pregnant woman and has developed a series that can only be matched by joining her live at the studio. I am thankful for the opportunity to share this journey with Bea, and thank her for guiding me to strength and flexibility during this pregnancy.” 

~Paola M, mother of 1 and baby on the way

"Gawd, I hate yoga. But despite my eye-rolling and lack of flexibility, I always feel good after. I've been relying on it a lot with this pregnancy. All the little aches and pains melt away after just a short sesh. Plus, my mood improves which is critical when dealing with the pendulum of hormones. This is a great program made even better because I don't have to leave my nest!"


 "This was an amazing resource for me as I was growing during my pregnancy and needed an outlet for exercise and relaxation. Bea's voice is relaxing and soothing, her guidance is helpful and wonderful!"


 "I bought all three videos in the series for my last pregnancy and it was perfect. I used the videos regularly and there was an obvious improvement in my pregnancy aches and pains as well as my circulation. My second labor took half as long as my first, and I think my daily practice of prenatal yoga had a lot to do with that! This video is the perfect intensity and duration for a pregnant woman and I love how it is broken down by trimester to serve the changing needs of the body."


 " Finally, a yoga pregnancy video that offers a great work-out! Wish I would have had this with my first and second pregnancies. I’m really excited about this discovery and look forward to trying the third trimester video when it’s my time (I’m currently 28 weeks along.). With my first two pregnancies, I did prenatal yoga but found them boring and more of a mode for relaxation rather than a work-out. With my high-stress job and family, it’s important I get a good work-out;however, I want to feel safe in the exercises and know I’m not putting baby or myself at risk. Oh, and I love her voice and the music too."


Prenatal Yoga Video Series:Active Mom, Healthier Pregnancy


Bea Love is here to keep you moving safely throughout your pregnancy and beyond.  Learn safe and effective yoga sequences designed specifically for each unique stage of pregnancy.  A healthier pregnancy means a happier mom and enhance’s baby’s future health.

First Trimester Sequence: Nurture

Enhance your pregnancy journey by strengthening pelvic floor muscles, support healthy blood circulation, calm nerves, and improve digestion as your body changes.

Second Trimester Sequence: Grow

Safely enhance strength and stability in this flow sequence designed to increase your energy, open your hips, and boost your confidence while minimizing aches and pains.

Third Trimester Sequence: Bloom

Prepare for labor and delivery by increasing body awareness and enhance ability to breathe and relax.  Discover appropriate modifications for advanced stages of pregnancy and yoga poses to widen the pelvis easing birth and delivery.

Postpartum Sequence: Nourish

Safely ease back into your self-care practice learning breath techniques and restorative poses to promote healing and rejuvenation. Experience guided yoga nidra session to reduce stress of motherhood by activating the relaxation response, improve the functioning of your nervous and endocrine systems.  Plus, get moving with an active yoga routine to rebuild strength and stamina.

Bea Love's Inspiration for Prega Yoga:

Yoga has played a remarkable role in my life, most especially during pregnancy. My yoga practice was a pivotal part of ensuring I experienced enjoyable pregnancies, two unmedicated vaginal births, short labors and uncomplicated deliveries. I still remember with both my labors using my breath and body awareness to help in pain management for the challenges of delivering two posterior positioned babies,“sunny-side up.”

During first few weeks of post-partum period, breathwork and restorative poses helped me recover from post-labor fatigue, helped balance body and mind and helped with quantity and quality of breast milk.  In months following, my practice evolved helping tone abdominal organs and getting my body back. 

Prenatal yoga gave me mindfulness of breath, physical strength, and the ability to envision what was happening to my body during labor. During my first trimester with my daughter, breath awareness and feeling the ground beneath my feet in standing postures helped me overcome morning sickness and fatigue-especially in my second pregnancy caring for a toddler while pregnant.  In my second pregnancy, I experienced nausea and constipation during the first trimester while experiencing low back pain, sciatica and round ligament pain in the second and third trimesters.

Before I gave birth, my prenatal practice helped me feel more comfortable in my growing body, allowed me to spend time connecting to my growing baby and relax in ways that I knew were safe for me and baby.  It felt so good to be in the privacy of my home finding yoga poses, and breathing techniques to ease the physical discomforts I was experiencing, as well as renewing my energy, and feeling connected to both my body and baby. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy connecting with other mamas and experiencing community in public classes but navigating childcare can create obstacles to getting my self-care done. As a mom of two, my self-care practice needs to be easily accessible in the comfort of my home, efficient, and powerfully effective.

Yoga helped keep me sane as my body changed dramatically during pregnancy. Now, in motherhood chasing after two toddlers, I have the stamina and mental clarity to mindfully embrace motherhood.  For example, I can learn to maintain my cool when my child has a tantrum or know when I need to invest in self-care before feeling depleted in body, mind and spirit.

Yoga has been an invaluable resource for me-I can’t imagine navigating pregnancy and motherhood without it.

From my heart to yours,