Prenatal Yoga Video Series: Active Mom, Healthier Pregnancy

Testimonials from Mamas

“I would unquestionably recommend this series to any friend desiring a strong and complete prenatal yoga practice. Bea knows the body and needs of a pregnant woman and has developed a series that can only be matched by joining her live at the studio. I am thankful for the opportunity to share this journey with Bea, and thank her for guiding me to strength and flexibility during this pregnancy.” 

~Paola M, mother of 1 and baby on the way

"Gawd, I hate yoga. But despite my eye-rolling and lack of flexibility, I always feel good after. I've been relying on it a lot with this pregnancy. All the little aches and pains melt away after just a short sesh. Plus, my mood improves which is critical when dealing with the pendulum of hormones. This is a great program made even better because I don't have to leave my nest!"


 "This was an amazing resource for me as I was growing during my pregnancy and needed an outlet for exercise and relaxation. Bea's voice is relaxing and soothing, her guidance is helpful and wonderful!"


 "I bought all three videos in the series for my last pregnancy and it was perfect. I used the videos regularly and there was an obvious improvement in my pregnancy aches and pains as well as my circulation. My second labor took half as long as my first, and I think my daily practice of prenatal yoga had a lot to do with that! This video is the perfect intensity and duration for a pregnant woman and I love how it is broken down by trimester to serve the changing needs of the body."


 " Finally, a yoga pregnancy video that offers a great work-out! Wish I would have had this with my first and second pregnancies. I’m really excited about this discovery and look forward to trying the third trimester video when it’s my time (I’m currently 28 weeks along.). With my first two pregnancies, I did prenatal yoga but found them boring and more of a mode for relaxation rather than a work-out. With my high-stress job and family, it’s important I get a good work-out;however, I want to feel safe in the exercises and know I’m not putting baby or myself at risk. Oh, and I love her voice and the music too."


Prenatal Yoga Video Series: Active Mom, Healthier Pregnancy


The Only Way To FULLY Prepare Your Body And Mind For The Miracle Of Childbirth By Combining Ancient And Modern Wisdom

Imagine Being Able To Unlock The Maximum Flexibility And Mindfulness Of Your Body To Have An Effortless Childbirth -- And Get Your Body Back In Record Time Afterwards…

Pregnancy is both nature’s greatest miracle and its most difficult rite of passage, all in one. The way your body transforms to support life within itself and then bring that life into the world is nothing less than awe-inspiring.

But it can also be extremely difficult.

Let’s face it, the pregnancy our society shows us on television and in movies (and even what we hear from other women) doesn’t even come close to the harsh truth: the pain, the emotions, and the decidedly unglamorous reality of being pregnant.

If you want to OWN your pregnancy, and actually learn to ENJOY these challenges and changes, then you are in the right place at the right time (this page, right here and now).

It’s time to master the demands of pregnancy once and for all. STOP:

  • The endless variety of aches and pains that cause you to toss and turn all day and night
  • 9 months of overwhelming emotions like anxiety, irrational fears and depression
  • Feeling like a bad mother because you can’t get to the gym (with these exercises, your HOUSE becomes your gym!)

Worrying about the pain of childbirth and how you are going to cope with it all
Feeling completely disconnected from your baby like he/she is a “foreign body”

There is a better way to be pregnant. It involves becoming connected to your body, to your baby and to your emotions so you’ll feel confident and physically amazing during these trying 9 months. It’s called…

Bea Love: The Prenatal Yoga Program Now Endorsed By Dr. David Berry, Perinatal Specialist

A Yoga Sequence For Every Phase Of Pregnancy

The first trimester is completely different from the third, so it only makes sense that your yoga routine has to change with your body. These are the yoga flows that will help you have an enjoyable pregnancy from start to finish.

First Trimester Sequence: Nurture

This groundbreaking scientifically-backed yoga sequence helps you ease into all of the physical changes of pregnancy by calming your nerves, increasing blood circulation, and improving digestion to sustain the new life within you. You’ll also begin to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles in preparation for later phases.

Second Trimester Sequence: Grow Safely

At this point you’re still quite mobile and well into the swing of being pregnant. This flow will help you unlock the energy you need to get ready for birth, open your hips and minimize those nagging aches and pains.

Third Trimester Sequence: Bloom

The third trimester is all about discovery. At the end of this trimester, you’ll be discovering your child for the first time. It’s time to bloom into a practice that works in your body with pregnancy-friendly modifications and develop mindfulness, breathing patterns, and relaxation strategies that will come in handy during the birth. There is a major emphasis in widening the pelvis during this stage of your yoga practice.

Postpartum Progression: Nourish

When you have a baby, it’s easy to lose yourself and forget what self-care means. This progression will help you begin to come back into the present with relaxing restorative poses and yoga nidra that will re-balance your sense of self, your emotions and your endocrine system all in one.

Then, when you are ready – there is an active yoga routine to help you get your body back super quickly!


Bonus: Dr. David Berry Speaks

Additionally, included in this video series you will hear from Dr. David Berry as he dispels some of the most common myths about pregnancy for your benefit. Learn the wrong from the right with this sometimes-surprising, but always-helpful information every expectant mother should know.

Bea Love's Inspiration for Prega Yoga:

Hi, my name is Bea and I’m a mother just like you, with two beautiful children of my own. If you’re having a tough pregnancy, I understand exactly what that’s like!

I can’t imagine going through the intense morning sickness, fatigue, nausea, constipation, low back pain, sciatica and round ligament pain I experienced without yoga – especially while taking care of a toddler when I was having my second child.
Yoga gave me safe ways to relax and connect with my babies while I was still pregnant, which helped me to relieve stress, heal my pain, and gain back some of the energy I was losing. Thanks to my yoga practice and breath work, I was able to have both of my children with natural vaginal births which I attribute 100% to yoga.
As a trained doula, prenatal teacher, and yoga and meditation expert I want you to experience the same relief I did! That’s why I partnered with renowned perinatal specialist Dr. David Berry to produce this video series, detailing the exact medically-recommended yoga poses for both pregnant women and new mothers.

From my heart to yours,



An Unlimited Lifetime Value
Let’s face it, if these videos help you experience more ease and comfort in your pregnancy, then the price is merely secondary to the value. They can help you with your fitness and enjoyment of pregnancy with every child you have in your entire life.

(Here’s another way to think about it: each yoga session is worth at least $27 at any yoga studio – and there are 6 of them included in this package without even counting the bonus information! And you get them FOREVER)

It’s no exaggeration to say this is literally an unlimited lifetime value. But the price is so reasonable it will simply amaze you! Because right now, you can get all of this for only $42.00