Four Natural Immune Boosters for Kids

Four Natural Immune Boosters for Kids

It's Back to School time, mamas!  This year is unlike any other; we are all feeling so many emotions as we navigate these unusual times, most especially how to keep are children healthy.  That's why I wanted to give you a sneak peek into my medicine cabinet to discover four essentials I keep on hand to boost my kids' immunity.

Of course a healthy diet along with restful sleep, and probiotics are key to keeping immunity strong.  Here are four of my favorite natural supplements:


  • Smarty Pants Multifunctional Kids' Formula a gummy vitamin with all of the good ingredients and none of the bad.  An all-in-one gummy multivitamins for kids includes eco-friendly omega 3 DHA and 100 percent of the recommended daily intake for Vitamin D and 9 other key nutrients—and NO artificial colors or sweeteners. Plus, kiddos love the taste!
  • Congaplex Chewable by Standard Process is my go to when kids begin showing signs of a cold coming on.  Supports a healthy immune response function, provides ingredients with antioxidant activity and supports the thymus gland.
  • ImmunoG PRP by NuMedica is one I use weekly for the kids' and whole family.  Could be the new Vitamin C! Proline-Rich Polypeptides, call them PRP for short! PRPs enhance the ability of thymus gland to release factors that help regulate immune functions in the body.These cherry chewables are convenient for travel and the kids love the taste. "PRPs modulate the cytokine system to stimulate an under active immune system, and tone down an overactive one..." The theory is that because you chew it, it stays in your mouth for a while and activates the thymus gland, and also works to restore the gut.
  • Elderberry Zinc by Zand HerbalLozenge are lozenges  I include in my kids' lunches for them to enjoy as a sweet treat while boosting their immunity. Each contain 5mg of zinc, and a soothing blend of herbal extracts.

 As we prepare our families for a school year unlike any other, may these tips help you navigate with less stress and optimal health. And of course check with your physician before starting a new supplement. Salud! 



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