Time for a Well Break

Time for a Well Break

Prolonged sitting can lead to detrimental health risks such as cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes, as well as decreases in productivity and overall mood. ⁠Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions available to remind you to step away and take a wellness break.

In working with my corporate clients, I help them strategize in taking periodic "Well Breaks" throughout their work day. The feedback and results are always positive from increased energy and productivity to reducing physical tension, mental stress and more...⁠

Finding the right app to help remind you to take a break is key. Check out some of my favorite apps for smartphones and computers below.⁠

Move ⁠
Daily Activity to Stay Healthy (iOS)⁠

The Move app is a great a tool reminding you to stand up and move. In addition, it has hundreds of random workouts for you to choose from. This app gives you options to the interval of breaks and lengths to customize.⁠

Awareness (Mac, Windows)⁠

Awareness tracks amount of activity on your computer and helps you to be conscious of how long you’ve been working on the computer. Simply set a timer, and once time is up, hear a tone telling you it’s time to step away. The app links to the company’s website offering ideas on break-time activities.⁠

Stretchly (Windows, Mac, OS) ⁠

Stretchly is a cross-platform application that reminds you to take breaks while working on your computer.⁠
It sends unobtrusive periodic reminders to look away from your computer screen and do a few stretches.⁠
Time Out (Mac)⁠

Time Out gives you the option of two break types: normal and micro. Simply choose and configure the length of your break and how often they occur. You’ll know you’re in a “Time Out” when your screen dims and you see graphics appear. When your Time Out is over, your screen will revert to normal.⁠

Now go ahead a set yourself up for a Wellness Break and reap the health benefits!

Be Well, friends!

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